We are a specialist Facebook & Instagram 

advertising agency for skin clinics.

We are a specialist Facebook & Instagram advertising agency for

skin clinics.

Get great results for your clinic with Facebook advertising

Here at Impact Six we firmly believe that Facebook and Instagram advertising is the best way to acquire new clients for skin clinics.

We specifically work in the aesthetics industry, working day in day out on new and innovative ways for you to get more leads, bookings, customers and sales. Not only do our campaigns enable you to get more clients, but you will also grow your social profile with more page likes and increased engagement.

We are based in north London but work with clients all over the UK. Before our time dedicated to the aesthetic industry we worked with clients in varying industries such, fashion, music, education/training schools to name a few. It is this wider experience that enabled us to gain a greater understanding of marketing and the messaging needed to create outstanding campaigns.

Although our sole focus is with skin clinics we have been known to take on clients via recommendation that are outside of this industry. So if you love our results and want to recommend a friend, then we’re always opening to working with the right clients.


We can help you

  Start building clients and bookings quickly.

  Build a robust online system that generates leads on demand.

  Create an online consultation that warms your leads before you even speak to them.

  Develop a sales script that will ensure you have the confidence to speak to new leads on the phone.

  Increase revenue in your clinic.

  Create adverts that grab the attention of your ideal customer.

 Use Facebook’s advanced targeting to ensure you reach the right customer at the right time.

  Get past Facebooks tricky and strict advert guidelines.


If you’re interested in growing your client based then get in touch for a free over the phone consultation the get in touch by clicking the button below, or via the messenger button to the right of the screen.

How it Works

Facebook/Instagram Ads

We use paid adverts on Facebook and Instagram to generate leads and enquiries for your business.

We use highly specific targeting that enables you to very quickly and effectively reach your target audience that are nearby your clinic. We will then create well thought out adverts through the formulas that we have created over the past two years to grab your ideal clients attention and capture their information.

Facebook Messenger

We send all of your leads to Facebook Messenger. This allows you to have a quick response and answer any questions potential clients may have.

We will build you a bespoke online consultation through Facebook Messenger to qualify your leads. Our online consultation process enables you can get to know far more about your leads, and they have the chance to get to know you before you even pick up the phone.

Online Booking

Book your new clients in online once youve spoken to them either on the phone or Messenger. We encourage all our clients to have a robust booking system that sends automated reminders out to your bookings.

If you don’t yet have an online booking system we can set one up for you for a small fee. It is essential that you have a way of keeping track of bookings before you start a campaign with us.


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